Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hi everybody,

As you probably know, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has made the national parks number one on their target list and they won't stop until they have pressured the administration to allow LOADED GUNS in national parks.

Their legislative angle didn't work, but did that stop them? Not a chance. Now the Department of Interior is opening up the current regulations for comments- and the only thing that could stop the NRA is you.

Contact them TODAY and tell them to keep the current regulations in place. Take action! Visit the National Parks Conservation association


Mamografia Digital Gratuita - Ajude esta Campanha

Queridos Amigos e Amigas,

O seu clique solidário não custará nada.
Digam aos seus amigos ainda hoje!

O Instituto Neo Mama de Prevenção e Combate ao Câncer de Mama em conjunto com a Equipe do Site do Câncer de Mama gerenciam uma campanha que necessita de cliques para alcançar quotas que lhes permitam oferecer mamografias gratuitas a mulheres brasileiras necessitadas.

Demora menos de 5 segundos, mas fará uma grande diferença acessar o site e clicar no botão cor de rosa que diz:
"Campanha da Mamografia Digital Gratuita".

Acesse diariamente o Website:

Não demora e não custa nada, ajudem a detectar precocemente o câncer de mama. Ele tem cura!

No site também é possível saber mais sobre como a campanha funciona e conhecer o número de acessos diários

Até mais,

Conheça a nova campanha da Unicef no Brasil!

Todo esforço é importante na luta contra a mortalidade infantil. Por favor, visite o site
participe e divulgue essa campanha.


Stand up against racism!

Dear Friends,

Right now, Fox News is trying to paint Barack Obama as foreign, un-American, suspicious, and scary. They're trying to send Americans the message that our country's first viable Black candidate for President is not "one of us."

I've joined on to's campaign to push back on Fox, publicly demanding they stop their race-baiting and fear mongering. If that doesn't work, then we'll go to their advertisers and the FCC. I wanted to invite you to sign on as well. It takes only a moment:

Here's what happened recently:

After Senator Obama won the nomination, he and his wife gave each other a "pound" in front of the cameras. Fox anchor E.D. Hill called the act of celebration a "terrorist fist jab." Then last week, a Fox News on-screen graphic referred to Michelle Obama as "Obama's baby mama"--slang used to describe the unmarried mother of a man's child. It was a clear attempt to associate the Obamas with negative cultural stereotypes about Black people, an insult not only to Michelle Obama but to women and Black people everywhere.

After each of the incidents mentioned, Fox issued some form of weak apology. But what does it mean when you slap someone in the face, apologize the next day, then slap them again on the third? It means the apology is meaningless.

These aren't one-time incidents--they're part of a pattern that continues no matter how often Fox is forced to apologize. Fox has a clear record of attacking and undermining Black institutions, Black leaders, and Black people in general.

If we don't push back now, we will see more of the same from now until November. Please join me in helping to bring an end to Fox's behavior.