Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Portuguese language and cinema

Unfortunately, this opportunity has no money involved. However, may be of interest for those in search of getting more involved with Portuguese language and learning about the film making process. Check it out:

Academy Award nominated social documentarians are looking for
Portuguese speakers to translate rare interviews and video
footage shot in Vila Aliança.

We will provide dvds or an FTP site with video clips posted and
will need a word document with the translations in English. No
prior film experience necessary. However, if you have a desire to
learn more about the filmmaking process, there will be an
opportunity to become more involved as an intern learning logging
and assisting our editor as we cut the 15 minute trailer. We will
be looking for production interns once we begin the next phase of

This is an unpaid internship with practical on the job training
and potential for growth as we secure more funding. Looking for
candidates who can start immediately as our deadline for the
trailer is in October.

Documentary film synopsis:

The rivalry of Brazil’s drug lords in the impoverished slums,

known as * favelas*, have kept the country’s peripheral urban

neighborhoods in a constant state of war. In 2008 alone, Rio de

Janeiro lost over 1,000 youth under the age of 24 to violent

death, many on public streets, and the drug lords wield such

power that they have been known to burn buses in retaliation

against the police, bringing public transportation to a halt.

Out of the deeply troubled *favela Vila Alianca *in Rio comes the

story of three adolescents trying to escape the captivating

allure of the drug trade, with the help of their mentor Samuel

Muniz de Araujo, or *Samuca*, who was once one of the most wanted

criminals in the city. After serving almost ten years in the

brutal Brazilian penitentiary system for kidnapping, Samuca has

turned his life around to become a community leader, educator and

social entrepreneur, with a god-given vision to emancipate the

kids enslaved to the drug lords, and bring the plight of the

*favelas* to the rest of the world.

This feature-length documentary follows the riveting story of how

Samuca strives to save young adults from the slum where he lives

by teaching them to become musicians, visual artists, and

entrepreneurs, at the school he founded. Over the course of one

year, we follow the journey of these kids and their mentor, as

they overcome the challenges of brutal street life to produce a

powerful musical and artistic expression about a community rarely

seen on film with such intimacy and unflinching truth.

Please email your resumes and availability to jvogelson@gmail.com.

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