Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The MA Brazil in Global Perspective is the first academic
programme to be developed by the King’s Brazil Institute. It
offers students a distinctive approach to understanding recent
changes in Brazil and the causes and impact of its social,
cultural, economic and political development. It includes
examination of issues such as industrialisation, urbanisation,
economic growth and globalisation; oscillation between military
and civilian rule; mass movements demanding a variety of civil,
political, and economic rights; complicated and contested
constitutional, legal and political reforms; and cultural and
social change.

The programme provides high quality postgraduate teaching and
research training for students wishing to specialise on Brazil,
either out of academic interest or as preparation for a career
related to Brazil. In addition to broadening and deepening
students’ understanding of modern Brazil, the programme
demonstrates the value of a variety of different theoretical
perspectives and research methods used in the analysis of the
country. The programme also allows students to study Brazil in
global and comparative perspective; on the one hand, it will be
possible to compare Brazil with the emerging powers China and
India, by taking modules offered by the China and India
Institutes; on the other, it will be possible to situate Brazil
within its regional context, by taking optional modules on Latin

The only programme of its kind in the UK.

An interdisciplinary perspective, allowing students to deepen
their understanding of Brazil in a range of subject areas.

A wide range of optional taught modules drawing on King’s-wide

An opportunity to take modules offered by the China and India

A unique location in the heart of London. Students enjoy
excellent academic, social and cultural opportunities, unrivalled
access to library and archival resources, and easy access to
resources in Europe.

The MA Brazil in Global Perspective is a 12 month programme, and
may be taken full time over one year or part time over two years.
The programme consists of 180 credits: a 60 credit dissertation,
60 credits of taught core and compulsory modules, and 60 credits
of optional modules.

King’s Brazil Institute website:
King’s Graduate Prospectus:

Professor Anthony Pereira, King’s Brazil Institute, Strand,
London WC2R 2LS, Email: anthony.pereira@kcl.ac.uk

Source: BRASA (Brasilian Studies Association) Digest # 331, April 11 2011

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